The Village Idiot

I finally figured out what I want to do with my life. It’s taken 63 years for me to realize where my talents lie. I wish I would have known sooner but some people never realize their potential and I have. I want to be a Village Idiot. Not just a bumbling fool, which at times I am, but the village idiot that sits on the wall or fence and says hello to everyone and waves at all the passing cars. 

Let me tell you how I came to this unbelievable discovery. A couple of months ago, after our last snowstorm, I was standing outside of a store waiting for a friend. Now we all seem to think that the economic recovery was Obama’s doing but it’s not the case.  I think my friend single-handedly has pulled this country from the brink of economic disaster by spending more in one day than most small countries spend on their yearly budgets.

Anyway, since my friend was going shopping, Jack, my dog, and I decided to go with her. It would get us out of the house and the puppy and I could play in the snow. Now mind you it was friggin cold, so we all bundled up and ventured to where things are sold.

The first store we went to both Jack and I sat inside because we knew the girl who worked the counter. She remembered Jack when he was a pup so he got a snack and we sat in comfort while my friend bought stuff. I’m amazed at how much she can shop but I wasn’t gonna complain. I was nice and warm and people would come in and pet Jack so he was feeling pretty good too.

After we left that store we headed to another. This store wasn’t exactly dog friendly so Jack and I needed to stay outside. Again let me remind you that it was about 26 degrees without the wind chill. We walked around a bit but decided to go back to the store and wait outside. This is where I had my epiphany.

As we were standing outside people would be passing by. Most gave me the nod and I of coarse I nodded back. After awhile I started saying “Merry Christmas”, “Hola”, “Hi how are you”, “Good afternoon” and any other greeting that came into my head. I told one guy passing by “Nice hat.” He said thanks and gave me the man’s nod. I was in my glory. I was a natural. Jack got so many compliments that his little tail was wagging and if I had a tail it would be wagging too.

Life has gotten too complicated. We have lost sight of the simple things in life. In years gone by the village idiot added to that simplistic view that people had of the world and life in general. Also, at what better time of year would a village idiot really stand out but Christmas.

Christmas would be the perfect time of year for the village idiot. Someone who greets anyone and everyone. Someone who makes you feel wanted and who makes you thankful for all that you have because hey, you could be the village idiot. I missed my calling. I had no idea how enriched I’d feel. I am now aspiring to be a Village Idiot. Is there a health plan? A union? I think I have a chance. Don’t you? 


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