The Glimmers Introducing Ignate Knorr

This is the second book in the award-winning series The Glimmers. Ignate Knorr, a great Glimmer of Respect, loses his light and Ruby Shroo has to help him get it back. Respect and friendship are what make this book shine with Glimmer light.

Reader Reviews

As a seasoned 40 year educator who has reviewed countless children's books I can tell you this one is a gem. The balance of telling a story that shares the merits of respect, truth and kindness is accomplished beautifully with kid friendly illustrations. It is easy to see that after reading this book that a child would want to be a Glimmer and not a Dimmer! Great Job, Mr. Agnello.

I like this book a lot because it taught me that being kind to people is very important. As an 8yr old kid, I like to read stories like this one because it teaches me important lessons about life. I can't wait for the next glimmer book! - Grace H.

My son and I take turns reading Ignate Knorr to my 4 year old granddaughter, Lilly. She loves the first Glimmers book, Ruby Shroo, so I was sure she'd love this one just as much. She's constantly asking us to read her the story, which we are happy to do. Personally, as her grandmother, I'm thrilled at what these books teach our young children. Teaching about respect and truth is so important and I really want Lilly to know and understand these qualities. Robert Agnello does a wonderful job of instilling these qualities with a great balance of both fun and seriousness at the same time. When I asked Lilly what her favorite part of the story is, she said seeing Ignate's Glimmer return. This is also a great way of teaching Lilly about her own Glimmers and Dimmers, and that you never want to have Dimmers! She understands the difference and even asks us if her glimmers are shining! Growing up can be so difficult and easy for us to lose our Glimmers! These books also help adults to want to have our own Glimmers shine! Well done, Robert! - Cindy Clark


Young boy on couch reading The Glimmers Introducing Ignate Knorr