About Robert Agnello

My name is Robert Agnello and I am an Emmy award-winning artist. I have been fortunate in my life to be able to write music for some of the greatest shows on TV: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Pete and Pete and lots of others. I have performed on TV and also toured around the world with The Spencer Davis Group and other bands.

In recent years I started On The Lamb Productions, a production company geared to projects with a moral and social conscious. We here at On The Lamb are proud to introduce you to our roster of talent.

Band of innocence
A story of 7 unique children with an innocence so pure that the Elders of this earth have granted them the power to protect and save this world. Lots of action and good, clean fun. The graphic novel is illustratedRobert Agnello by Louis Manna of DC Comics fame.

The Squall and Organ Boy
In this animated series the Squall, who is half man, half storm, is the son of Hurricane Ramon and a Canadian cold front. By day he’s Sheldon Gruger, confetti disbursement engineer. The world’s best. His partner in crime fighting is Roger Gibbons AKA Organ Boy. Born with extreme dyslexia he blew on his thumb instead of sucking on it and turned himself inside out. He uses his organs to fight crime. Criminals fear the call “Be Aware the Squall is Here.” So does everyone else.

The Glimmers
Our newest additions are the Glimmers for our youngest members. What is a Glimmer you ask? A Glimmer is a being of light. They are what make the world glow. There are Glimmers of love, Glimmers of hope, Glimmers of compassion, Glimmers of joy and Glimmers of truth. Ruby Shroo is a Glimmer of truth, or as the Glimmers call her, a truth glimmer. Glimmers have been around since the beginning of time. When the earth was formed, all the love and joy on this beautiful planet produced these little beings of light. Our first book is about the birth of Ruby Shroo when a courageous truth was told.

The city is caught in the grip of an arsonist who the press has named the Torch. Many firefighters are dying at the hands of this madman but these innocent souls are not the target, the Torch is after a much bigger prize. Greg, who is the newest member to Ladder 118, gets caught in the Torch’s fiery trap but through some strange twist of faith he survives ….but he’s not alone. A warrior from a time long gone has entered Greg’s body. Is Greg ready to meet his soulmate? The love his warrior soul lost centuries before? Is he ready to be the hero that people have been waiting for? Is he ready to be Fireman? This story is dedicated to Joey Agnello who lost his life in 9/11 and all the firefighters who risk their lives every day so others may live.

What I do
Standup comic, musician, dog rescuer. In my spare time I devote a lot of my energy to helping animals that no one else wants.