Our Mission

On The Lamb Productions is emerging as an entertainment powerhouse with such extraordinary projects as The Glimmers, Fireman, Band Of Innocence, The Snazzleraffers and The Squall and Organ Boy. On the Lamb Productions is dedicated to bringing to the market a line of films, merchandising, TV programs and books that will not only entertain but enlighten both children and adults.

We have started with these five projects that have been listed in the accompanying literature with more wonderful ideas already in the works, not to mention our searching for new talent. OTLP is poised to be the next breakout entertainment giant.

Who we are and where we are going

Dr. Laura Martin will hold the title of Director of Education. A professor in education and technology, Dr. Martin, will run the Glimmer program while also expanding the other projects into the education forum.

Louis Manna, whose achievements include, DC ComicsĀ  and other quite reputable comic book companies will be named Director of Comics. Louis, who illustrates Fireman and Band Of Innocence, will also find breakout talent; giving these new artists a platform to share their works with the world.

We also have plans, in our 5-year forecast, to open up On The Lamb Stores with Glimmer Rooms, BOI kiosks, tributes to Firefighters, a Squall wind room, and of course, where you can get all your OTLP merchandising.

Thank you!

Robert Agnello: CEO and President