The day Ruby Shroo was born was the day a courageous truth was told but before I tell you how and why that truth was told I have to give you a little background on who Ruby Shroo is.

Mom's Choice Awards LogoRuby is a Glimmer. Ruby Shroo - The GlimmersWhat is a Glimmer you ask? A Glimmer is a being of light. They are what make the world glow. There are Glimmers of love, Glimmers of hope, Glimmers of compassion, Glimmers of joy and Glimmers of truth. Ruby is a Glimmer of truth or, as the Glimmers call her, a truth glimmer.

Glimmers have been around since the beginning of time. When the earth was formed, all the love and joy on this beautiful planet produced these little beings of light. They surrounded all the plants and animals and every living thing. They have survived for thousands of years on harmony, trust, love and innocence.

There are less and less Glimmers now than there have been in the past because love and honesty have been replaced by hate and greed. When you are truthful and compassionate you are surrounded by glimmers and you have a glow. When you are mean or bad your glimmers turn into dimmers and your glow is no longer bright. Now donʼt get me wrong, you can turn a dimmer back into a glimmer by just telling the truth or doing a good deed.

Ignate Knorr - Respect GlimmerIf you are wondering what a Glimmer looks like here is a picture of what I think they look like because no one has actually seen one. I do know that they have a large cute heads with big eyes and that light seems to come out of their whole bodies. They float through the air like little spots of dust giving off pure light where ever they go. The nicer the person, the brighter they light. What do you think a glimmer looks like?

Glimmers survive on innocence. When a mommy is going to have a baby she glows. Do you know why? Yes, Glimmers. Every time a baby is born, that baby is surrounded by Glimmers. A Glimmer is also born every time a good deed is done and every time a truth is told.


Glimmer Theme


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In 2016 Kids Unlimited ran the first-ever Glimmer Summer Camp. Here is what the young woman who put it together had to say:

The Glimmers Summer Camp 2016

“For the first ever Glimmer summer camp, I created developmentally and age appropriate activities that went along with the good themes of the Glimmers series.

We started the camp by asking the children what they thought Glimmers were. We got many creative answers, then we read them the story. Each day we provided costume pieces for the children to use to get in the Glimmer Spirit.

The children then drew a picture of their own original Glimmer. They shared a story about the trait their Glimmer possessed. We also used puff balls and clothes pins with paint and googly eyes to create the print of a Glimmer. Together we made play dough and discussed how, just like play dough, we are all made of multiple ingredients or qualities. We discussed qualities like kindness, respect and trust.    

We played multiple games that promoted sharing amongst the children. We played a freeze dance game with balloons. Each balloon had a trait written on it (trust, respect, kindness, love…) When the music stopped, a child was picked to share their trait and what it means. We also played the Glimmers in the Town and What time is it Ruby Shroo?

The children’s favorite activity was singing and dancing to Glimmer songs. At the end of the week, the children presented what they had learned throughout the week. They sang, danced and showed off some of their artwork to their families. 

The children seemed to really enjoy working with the themes and characters of the series. Those who didn’t know the Glimmers in the beginning were able to explain to their parent who they were by the end. A Glimmer Good Time was had by all.

Lindsey Hoel wrote the lesson plans.

Lisa Giordano did the scenery.

Kelli Workman. Carol Del Grego Sottosanti and Vincent Sottosanti made this a reality.”