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I am a second grade teacher and I read this book to my class. This book has become one of my students’ favorites! They love the theme about friendship. We keep it in our class library and it is a very popular independent reading book. We are even thinking of naming our new class pet, Eli, after the main character! Highly recommended!

Meaghan Keith
Eli the Snazzleraffer

This is a fun little up-to-date story about a kind of friendship arising out of a chance meeting on a rainy day. It’s told in poetry, and its sure to delight your little reader; read it once with them and they’ll ask you back to read it again….and again.

Russell Fortier
Eli the Snazzleraffer

I loved reading this book – the message is so positive and uplifting. It teaches children about friendships and the importance of them in everyone’s life. I think it is great that children can color the pictures. The illustrations are fun and keep the reader engaged. I think this would be a great gift for any child and would be helpful for a child who is learning to read. Robert is a talented author and works with a great team!

Robert Balton
Eli the Snazzleraffer

Robert promised a great kids book with an uplifting story, fun art, and an adorable protagonist leading you through life’s little problems with a smile. A great read for all ages.

Leif Jones
Eli the Snazzleraffer

I loved reading this short story with my sister – the characters are adorable, and the tale is heartwarming. I would definitely recommend this for little readers.

Eli the Snazzleraffer