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It’s hard not to get caught up in the sentiment of such a charming children’s book with it timely rhyme and simply lovely illustrations. Some illustrated books tend to go over the op but Eli the Snazzleraffer strikes just the right balance between the images and the words. With a heart warming message it is one to be read over and over again.

D. Brent
Eli the Snazzleraffer

I liked this book because it referred to a point in my life where i was playing a video game with my big brother and he left me alone to play it because he didn’t want to play it anymore. I didn’t put the remotes away. Our dad got angry with Jack for not being responsible and putting it away but i stood up and told my dad that it was all my fault. I took responsibility for my actions instead of letting my brother take the blame. This story teaches us kids to be responsible and that is really important, especially for little kids like me.

Ava H.
The Glimmers Starring Ruby Shroo

My son (4 years old) has really enjoyed this cute story. It is well written and the artwork is wonderful. He is enjoying the pictures because they are still a challenge for him to determine what exactly is portrayed- the line art (I’m not sure that’s the correct term for pen and ink drawing) is intricate enough to be a challenge for him to decipher yet still enjoyable.

I have the kindle version but I think a print version would encourage a lot of creativity with youngsters by giving them the opportunity to color or paint each page.

The quality is excellent with regards to grammar, punctuation, etc.

If this becomes a series, I will buy every episode.

Robert Forbes
Eli the Snazzleraffer

The Glimmers will awaken the wide-eyed sense of wonder in your little one as it has in my Granddaughter. Beautifully illustrated and warm, The Glimmers will teach and inspire a new generation and maybe a Grandparent or two.

Joe H.
The Glimmers Starring Ruby Shroo

What a great book to share with my little one at story time!

The Glimmers Starring Ruby Shroo