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What an awesome concept! It’s what seems to be missing for kids these days! For the little guys, try Glimmers!

Band of Innocence - Legacy

Great message for kids and adults alike. My great nieces and nephews have enjoyed this series!

The Glimmers Save Christmas

At first glance, Eli the Snazzleraffer seems to be a cute story about forming lasting friendships through adversity. It is so much more. This is a book that teaches young minds to be open to things different than yourself. It teaches them that sometimes you must lay aside your fears when you find someone else in need. It encourages children to realize that temporal things are far less important than love and family. I loved Eli the Snazzleraffer and have introduced it to my local kindergarten teaches. I would encourage other parents to do so as well. This book belongs in our schools.

Eli the Snazzleraffer

A great kids book – a wonderful addition to any family’s library.

Erin Krueger
The Glimmers Starring Ruby Shroo

I have been an educator and/or administrator for over 40 years. I have worked with pre-school through adults throughout my lengthy career. I have not only previewed children’s books of all genre for classroom use but I also have nurtured two children sharing many with them. I was asked to read this book and provide my personal and professional feedback. I found the book to be wonderfully refreshing! It is not an easy task to capture the essence of a moral dilemma of telling the truth for children. Robert accomplished this in his lovely little story. I highly recommend that you read it with your little ones and Let the Glimmers be with You!

The Glimmers Starring Ruby Shroo