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11-year-old boy reading Band of Innocence - Legacy bookFirst thing my 11-year-old, Matthew, asked was: “Are there any more books available after this?” He wanted to immediately continue with the story.

When he first started the book, he said he liked that it has lots of characters. He liked that it switches between different perspectives. Story has a great plot Likes that it uses lots of sophisticated words and details. Likes how you thought out the book – how the character names fit with their powers.

Overall, really liked the book!

Band of Innocence - Legacy

This book does a great job of teaching young children the importance of telling the truth. While my 3-year-old granddaughter loves the story read to her and loves looking at the pictures, she is being taught why always telling the truth is so important. Honesty is a great value to have, the sooner young children understand that, the better. I think Robert Agnello is a brilliant writer and through his books we as adults have the resources in our hands to make this world a better place and give our children the values they should receive at a young age. There is no greater gift (for us or for them) than helping the next generation to become the best adults they can be.

Cindy Clark
The Glimmers Starring Ruby Shroo

Pre-teen boy reading Band of Innocence Legacy bookDear Robert Agnello,

Hello! My name is Jack. I am in the fifth grade at Innovation Academy. I am in Mrs. Tilicki’s class. Mrs. Tilicki let me read this book when you gave it to her. This book is “The Band of Innocence: Legacy.” Below are some of the notes I made.

Overall the book was great, I really enjoyed it! I think that in chapter 1 the story was moving a little bit too slowly, the reason I think that is because it spent a little too much time on the history of their house, but it was okay. One thing that I liked was how you arranged the timing so that Emily’s Aunt, Aunt Lily, was the leader of the band before Emily was. Something I did not enjoy was how Aunt Lily was saving someone in her group and somehow that punished them all.

My favorite moment was when the reader would find out that Grandma Natu was actually Mother Nature. Another one of my favorites is how you told the individual stories of everyone when Emily was the leader. I think that if you were going to change the book a little, you should make Bill Leso more important in the story. One twist in the story that surprised me was when Jason Kazan turned out to be a good guy and save an endangered species.

This book is truly one of the most incredible, breathtaking and definitely the book with the most kindness I have ever read. Thank you so much for writing this extravagant and imaginative book! It was a very intense but fun adventure this book took me on. Thank you for giving me this amazing chance to read your beautiful book. I must say I am looking forward to seeing this book and series in the library! Thank you again for having the kindness and graciousness to let me read and give you some tips on your book!

Band of Innocence - Legacy

A captivating fantasy that holds young readers as it sends them on a journey into a world where goodness over evil prevails. Wonderfully written with unique characters that make it hard to put the book down.

Patricia C.
Band of Innocence - Legacy

This book was a gift to my son and when we received it, he was so excited to read it! The cover art was definitely attractive and eye catching to him to immediately demand we read it now please (he’ll be 3 in June). So we read it and he was very interested in it throughout the whole story and I loved the message and the lesson it teaches. We will now be searching for all the glimmers in the world! Great book!

The Glimmers Starring Ruby Shroo