Band of Innocence

In the Beginning…

Mother Nature and The Gods created the earth and filled it with life… the elements, plants, and animals. Then they created man and all lived in harmony. As time passed a darkness invaded the world. This darkness caused man to separate from the original, harmonious ways the gods had intended for him.

Seeing that man was turning towards the darkness rather than the light of the world, the Gods hid their powers in an amulet along with a sword of light and a suit of armor that only the most innocent could wear. That innocence was found in the children. Here is where the Band Of Innocence was born.

Band of Innocence

A Note from the Author…

I believe everyone deserves to be happy. I believe that every dream can come true. I believe in Santa Claus and the spirit of giving. I believe everyone has a story that they follow and that even the meanest person can be changed by understanding their story and being compassionate to that story.

I hope you join me on a quest to become compassionate, honest, truthful, giving, positive and loving. I hope you join me and become a member in The Band of Innocence.

Chapter One: Elizabeth

I’ve stood with this empty feeling inside of me way too many times: always restless and waiting. Honestly, I’ve done this so many times in my long past that it gets so wearisome sometimes. Now don’t get me wrong, I truly love where I am and who I am. This is such a beautiful and quiet neighborhood, nestled here on the outskirts of Chicago. Most of the people are so nice and caring and, as I was saying this really is a very nice, quiet neighborhood.

On summer nights children play in the streets and families are always chatting on their front lawns. Oh, and the smell of edible substances is sometimes overwhelming.  

During the winter children can be seen building small dwellings in front of me with the frozen water that falls from the sky and throwing this frozen substance at each other. Sometimes I get so worried for these little men and women and how they might hurt themselves with these frozen water balls. I finally found out it was called snow. Such strange names for things, don’t you think?

Band of Innocence – Chapter 1 (pdf)

I like how you base all your books on being kind and showing respect. I like how the first couple of chapters focus on the house then it moves on to what Emily’s family is like. It’s a unique idea to give a house thoughts and emotions but it makes sense too. It’s great how you also have your thoughts after the house chapter. Then it moves on to the Band of Innocence and their adventures. ~ Ava

I really liked how you gave the reader the back story for all of the gods (how they began & how they grew stronger). Out of all the elements gods, I think the Fire god was the coolest. I liked the illustration of him because it looks like his whole body is made out of lava rocks. I think what’s cool about this story is that everyone has a strength and a weakness. This is like real life because we all have things that we are good at and things that we are not very good at. ~ Jack

I like the part where it says a house is just a house if there’s no family in it. It doesn’t become a home until a family moves in. I also like the part that Doug’s mom could tell the future. She knew that Doug would be ok with the new baby and that it would be a girl. ~ Grace