Band of Innocence - Legacy

2020 Distinguished Favorite Fantasy - Independent Press Award

2019 Winner Juvenile Fiction - New York City Big Book Award

FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, when the darkness has threatened all who live here, a band of children has been chosen to rescue this planet…Emily Leso’s Aunt Lily used to tell her stories about the band, but Emily didn’t know they were real. Nor did she realize that she would lead the band, armed with the sword of truth and the armor of innocence, which have been passed down through generations to defend our earth.

Emily and her band are guided by Aunt Lily who protects the sacred amulet from the growing darkness. Their first challenge as a team takes them to Africa where the band is confronted by a ruthless hunter. They must use their powers and try to work together to stop his murderous mission. After the failure of the last band, can this band survive?

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Reader Reviews

This book is truly one of the most incredible, breathtaking and definitely the book with the most kindness I have ever read. Thank you so much for writing this extravagant and imaginative book! - Jack

A captivating fantasy that holds young readers as it sends them on a journey into a world where goodness over evil prevails. Wonderfully written with unique characters that make it hard to put the book down. - Patricia C.

What an awesome concept! It's what seems to be missing for kids these days! For the little guys, try Glimmers! - Phillip

Band of Innocence Legacy book cover