Members of Band of Innocence

What can I say about teamwork. Who doesn’t like to be part of a team, a club, or just hang with a group of friends? There are nine people on a baseball field all working together to win the game. There are eleven on a football team and five on a basketball team and I…


Failure is Good

Robert Agnello outside painting on white paper

I’m not sure if there is anyone who likes the idea of failure as much as I do. I really look forward to it sometimes. I know what you’re saying, “Robert, are you nutz?” No, well maybe, but that’s not the point right now. I feel that if I didn’t fail at anything then I…


What have you learned from your pet?

Dog looking over shoulder of Robert Agnello

Okay, so on Father’s Day of 2009 I found myself at Newark airport to pick up a dog that was going to be put to sleep in Denmark. Yup, Denmark. I’m not sure how I get involved in this stuff but a friend of mine was in Europe and came upon a dog that was…


The First Step

Photo of German Shepard with head on pillow

I’ve been struggling lately with taking the first step on lots off projects I’ve wanted to start and complete. I don’t know why it’s so hard to just get going on some of these things. I have songs that need to be finished, books that need completion, comics to develop, and yet I start little…