Pete and Pete

During my career of writing music, one show seems to always stand out and that show is Pete and Pete. I had never even heard of Pete and Pete until I was asked to submit some material for the show. It seems the writers, Chris Viscardi and Will McRobb, had used popular music for some of the first episodes and they found out how much it was going to cost so they needed someone to come in and copy the feel of the music but not copy it too well so there could be a lawsuit.

Enter me, Robert Agnello.

My long career as a musician had only two incidences where a parting of the ways had taken place. Actually, it was me getting thrown out of the bands; but needless to say, it wasn’t because I wasn’t good, it was because I didn’t follow the exact rules that are placed on cover bands. Play what’s on the record. That I didn’t do. I had the feel but I just didn’t play the exact notes the bass player played on the songs. Who knew? I thought if I got the chords right, as a bass player, I could fool around a little. Nope.

Anyway, I submitted some music, my version of Mississippi Queen, called Marmalade Cream…and the rest is Pete and Pete history.

Here are some of the pieces of music I wrote. See if you can pick out the famous voices. I’m not telling.