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Warrior for Good

Bringing the world of morals and social consciousness to all

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I hope you join me on a quest to change the way we see things. Look at life under the umbrella of friendship, compassion, truth, and love.

It’s good to have friends, and it’s friends that make you good.

Ages 5 to 8

The Glimmers are a series of books that promote truth, respect, hope, and joy.

The Glimmers Starring Ruby Shroo was the first book in the Glimmer series to win a Mom's Choice Award. Ruby is about truth and how courageous it is to tell it.

The second book is The Glimmers Introducing Ignate Knorr which is about respect. The latest one, The Glimmers Save Christmas, also won an award and is about hope and faith.

Ages 5 to 8

A young boy sees a very strange sight outside his bedroom window and goes to investigate. What he sees is scary; what he finds is a lifelong friend.

Eli the Snazzleraffer is a timeless story about what can happen if you reach out to something or someone that doesn’t look or dress the same as you do. It’s a story of what friendship is all about.

Ages 8 and Up

Seeing that man was turning towards the darkness, rather than to the light of the world, the Gods hid their powers in an amulet along with a sword of light and a suit of armor that only the most innocent could wear. It was an innocence that could only be found in children.

That’s when the Band of Innocence was imagined. Seven children with powers to protect the weak and save this world.